Crisis in Paradise

To all who ran, kudos, to those who won,, Did you?  It would seem we may have a crisis in paradise. While most of the province voted in councils and mayors who pushed for a harder on crime stance, you know, Law and Order, Victoria bucked the trend by backing a mayor and council packed with the former mayor's picks. This sets up ...

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Catch and Release vs Compassion

With the debate having been raging for years and now being argued in the BC Legislature, it is time to clearly state the practice has to end. We as a society can no longer be on the receiving end of a flawed system allowing criminals, some violent to continuously be re-released to prey on those who would like to just go about daily living. Ham...

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More Sign Stuff

Would you like a sign? Here you are.  Download PDF File Here

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To Sign or Not to Sign

With a grand total of 27 days to election, the biggest debate so far is not about Public Safety. It is not about Good Governance, and in no way is it about any of the thing's voters are concerned and anxious about.  Would you believe it is about Signs? Yes Signs. If you want to be depressed over the lack of debate on serious issues affect...

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Endorsements , Cooperation and Signs

With forty days left to polls closing, I would like to touch on a few housekeeping points. I have been asked by a number of friends who I would choose to work with in a newly elected council. The easy answer is , I do not have a choice, you do. My role if elected is not to pick who I want to work with. The fact is, I will need to work with a d...

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Safety in Victoria

We are now into September and while other candidates for Mayor and Council are making vague statements such as building housing and making streets safe, they are not giving any ideas as to how. For me? Well here goes. I want to start with City Hall doing its best to keep people safe in the city. We have all heard for calls to defund the police. Thi...

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It is Official

It is official. I am now a registered candidate in the upcoming October 15 Victoria Civic Elections. I would like to thank all who took the time out of their schedules to sign my papers. I would also like to thank the staff at city hall for the professionalism, their humor and their knowledge. Now comes the real work. I am hopeful that with a great...

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Why Run For Council?

Over the past six or so months of thinking to run for city council, I have been asked many times, "Why bother"? While from some of my friends this is a rhetorical  question, others really wanted to know. Well, the short answer is because I care.  I care about the city that I live and work in, and so should all of you. Over the past 1...

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Missing Middle Vs Affordable Rentals

One of the biggest and one of the more contentious issues in the dying months of this Mayor and Councils mandate is the Missing Middle Housing Initiative. To be up front, I am not opposed to looking more closely at the proposal as a Councilor if elected on October 15.  What I do know is it will not create any new housing that could be con...

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