Crisis in Paradise

To all who ran, kudos, to those who won,, Did you? 

It would seem we may have a crisis in paradise. While most of the province voted in councils and mayors who pushed for a harder on crime stance, you know, Law and Order, Victoria bucked the trend by backing a mayor and council packed with the former mayor's picks.

This sets up an interesting scenario where in Vancouvers new mayor and council will be hard on those perceived criminals, (mostly homeless), pretty much forcing a move to where? Thats right, your corner of the globe, little Victoria. 

Now, did former mayor Helps not insist there was no problem? Will mayor elect Alto try to perpetrate that very myth? Only time will tell.

My bet is that in a very short time, we will see the Pandora/ Harris Green encampments grow. We will see more tents in Stadacona Park, and yes, we will see tents in Beacon Hill Park in a relatively short period of time. It is also a matter of time to where city workers will again need police escorts to do their jobs and again a matter of time before someone here is killed.

My other guess would be our new mayor will not have the guts to stand up and say no, and five of eight councilors' will back Mayor Alto.  

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