Endorsements , Cooperation and Signs

With forty days left to polls closing, I would like to touch on a few housekeeping points.

I have been asked by a number of friends who I would choose to work with in a newly elected council. The easy answer is , I do not have a choice, you do. My role if elected is not to pick who I want to work with. The fact is, I will need to work with a diverse group of people and will need my best listening skills to do so. While I may have ideas on how to move Victoria forward on issues, so do those others who may end up on council. Again, the choice really is yours. Get out and vote to make a real difference.

Election signs have been a main stay of campaigns for longer than I or many of you can remember. However long ago that was, changes in electioneering have been slow to take root, but are becoming increasingly necessary. Signs today are usually made from non recyclable products such as soft colored plastics or coroplast which will end up in landfills. This alone would be a good reason to add them to banned plastics. While they are still allowed to those who believe they help, there are those who go out of the way to vandalize these signs. Shame on you for doing so. Prospective and incumbent politicians have a right to get out the message in many ways including signs. Not only are you breaking the law by defacing and destroying these signs, you are in fact also hasting their trip to the landfill. Shame one you.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.