To Sign or Not to Sign

With a grand total of 27 days to election, the biggest debate so far is not about Public Safety. It is not about Good Governance, and in no way is it about any of the thing's voters are concerned and anxious about.  Would you believe it is about Signs? Yes Signs. If you want to be depressed over the lack of debate on serious issues affecting Victoria, just look at twitter feeds and FB postings by your local candidates. Matt Dell decries damage to his signs but speaks of little else. Others cry out about the injustice of it all. Matt buys more signs, (Large sign budget)?

Let's get to real issues, Crime statistics, overdose cases rising, Caping in parks. Let's talk about infrastruc5ture, Taxes, zoning. We have some very serious issues to grapple with over the next 4 years. We shouldn't be starting out even before the election whining about signs. 

Maybe I should get some. What do you think?

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