Safety in Victoria

We are now into September and while other candidates for Mayor and Council are making vague statements such as building housing and making streets safe, they are not giving any ideas as to how.

For me? Well here goes.

I want to start with City Hall doing its best to keep people safe in the city. We have all heard for calls to defund the police. This has to be one of the most ridiculous ideas ever put forward. Our police are here to provide us a safe place to live, to shop in, to be entertained in and to enjoy. 

I will bring to council the idea that not only should we maintain the level of funding, but to increase it to the level our Police Chief asks. Now, some would say this is a waste and that it will solve nothing. Well, lets add that we would need to set achievable goals and these would need to be monitored and met on a yearly basis or adjustments would happen. I would also suggest that we work an agreement with the other core police forces to lend/ loan Victoria a officer on rotating schedules. In doing this we might just convince other municipalities that we need help as the Capital and the center of the regions entertainment districts. Ps; Why does the Victoria Police have interceptor vehicles? We do not have even one highway.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.