Catch and Release vs Compassion

With the debate having been raging for years and now being argued in the BC Legislature, it is time to clearly state the practice has to end. We as a society can no longer be on the receiving end of a flawed system allowing criminals, some violent to continuously be re-released to prey on those who would like to just go about daily living. Hammer to head, out same day, steal a car, out same day, rob a store, out same day. When will this end? Until there are City and Municipal Councils willing to force the province to DO THEIR JOB, nothing will happen.

Our police forces are overworked, they are frustrated, demoralized and frankly, I cannot blame them. We ask our police to do so much. We ask them to put life on the line and we then throw the criminals back out there. What kind of system does this?

Now, let's look at the contrast to compassion part of the same coin. The very people the court system releases back into society, are those that prey on not only us, but prey on those who can no longer protect themselves. 

Should we as a " Civilized" and " Compassionate" society, be allowing our most vulnerable to be stolen from, abused, raped, sold bad drugs, over and over again?

Full Stop. The province needs to end the cycle of catch and release and keep the worst daily offenders behind bars.

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